1.What if my views are not delivered?

It is never gonna happen from our side and if it happens we will refund your money back to you. we believe in customer satisfaction and if we are not able to deliver your order we will surely give you your money back.

2. How can I pay for submitting the order for youtube views?

You can pay easily through PayPal which is the best and the most secure payment gateway in the world.

3. Is it legal to buy youtube views for my video?

Yes, it is completely legal to buy youtube views for your video. Even youtube provides paid promotion with AdWords. So, it is 100% legal to buy youtube views for your video.

4. How do you increase youtube views?

We have various different social media networks & websites on which we promote your youtube video. After taking our services your channel will start to rank higher on youtube.

5. What will happen if my views are dropped?

It is only 0.1% possible and when it happens it is generally due to the youtube updates. In case if it happens we will surely refill your order. Your view count will be the same after refill.

6. Are the youtube views from real and fast sources?

Yes, all the views which we provide are from real and fast social media sources. Our views are delivered from high traffic sources and are completely safe with youtube terms & conditions.